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Sound of Hockey - A Hockey Podcast

Jan 18, 2019

Sound of Hockey can now legally drink in Canada, because it’s Episode 19! 

This week, John, Andy, and Darren analyze the analysis given by Snoop Dogg on the Kings broadcast, where he recently filled in as a play-by-play announcer for LA’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins (and it was awesome). 

In Seattle hockey...

Jan 12, 2019


The guys realized that it was going to be about a week and a half between episodes, and decided that was way too long to make you all wait. As such, they decided to give you a little something extra this week, with a SECOND EPISODE! 

On this bonus episode, John, Andy, and Darren break down...

Jan 7, 2019

It's Episode 18, which means we're of legal age to... I guess... like... vote, and stuff. Get excited! 

In the latest edition of Sound of Hockey, the guys give some tough love to their neighbors to the north, but specifically to Canadians that don't listen to the show (Canadians that listen to the show or are...

Jan 3, 2019

In the first episode of 2019 for Sound of Hockey, John, Andy, and Darren take a good look at the horse***t situation in Dallas, in which the Stars' CEO has taken some nasty shots at Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. 

In junior hockey news, the guys discuss the huge trades made by the local Seattle/Everett WHL teams, and have...

Dec 27, 2018

On the last episode of 2018, Andy is on a hiatus (though he manages to make a brief appearance on the show), so John and Darren are left to hold down the fort. Fortunately they are joined by Snohomish, WA's own Lexi Bender, a two-time NWHL All-Star for the Boston Pride and alumnus of Boston College and Shattuck...